Ruby Hotel Zürich

Category. Design-Budget-Hotel Location. Zurich, Switzerland Construction time. 2019 - 2021 Client. PSP Scope of work. all building stages from Bauprojekt

The Munich Ruby Group opens the first Ruby Hotel in Switzerland, right next to Zurich Central Station.The former commercial building "Du Pont" with the once well-known ABC Cinema and Movie Restaurant will be transformed into a hotel with 208 rooms. Ruby's philosophy is "Lean Luxury" and offers a simple organisation and focus on the essential. That's how Ruby creates a contemporary, affordable form of luxury for modern, cost-and style-conscious customers.


Monoplan is responsible for the renovation of the building. Most parts, like the load-bearing structure, stairwells, façade and roof structures are protected as historical monuments. Monoplan will implement the Ruby design guidelines with due respect for the history of the building. For example, the foyer, which acts as a distribution point between the Hotel and the Restaurant, is accentuated in its representative architecture


Classical elements are used to create a timeless, elegant, simple and equally representative appearance. All-round friezes accentuate the transitions from the floor to the wall and wall to ceiling. The walls in the foyer also receive a structure based on the rich external facade decoration, yet in an abstracted, contemporary way.


Seating niches are integrated into the walls of the large, hall-like foyer in order to create a pleasant atmosphere. These are lined with timber as a contrast to the walls and the cold stone terrazzo floor and framed by a brass border like the entrances. Indirect light in the niches complements the historic Art Deco style wall luminaires flanking the entrances. The impressive pendant luminaire, on the other hand, works on its own.