Kinderwunschzentrum Baden

Location: Baden, Switzerland Planning & Building time: 12 months, 2014 Client: Kinderwunschzentrum Baden Area: 900 m²

The Kinderwunschzentrum Baden is an In-Vitro Fertilisation clinic – Monplans latest project in the medical field. The concept centres around water as a source of vitality. A spatial concept is created to meet the high medical demands while also ensuring the privacy of patients. The medical surroundings of the clinic uses water to connect with the element of nature. This element is anchored holistically in the clinic, being mirrored in the colours, lighting concept and forms. Round forms are taken up in the furniture and lighting to display the water theme.

The front area of the clinic is home to the reception and waiting area, where the highlight is the 360 degree aquarium. The aquarium creates a point of calm and makes associations with the vitalising effect of the water. Towards the back of the clinic there are laboratories, treatment rooms, a clean room, surgery room, and a transfer room. The areas are carefully matched to create fluid transitions from the waiting area to the treatment zone. Monoplan has tightly interwoven the branding within the spatial concept of the clinic, with the colours, signs and logo closely tied to the concept of the clinic.