Panorama Residence Suiten

Ort Obbürgen, Schweiz Bauzeit 2009 - 2012 Bauherr Bürgenstock Hotels AG Massnahmen Entwurf, Ausführungsplanung, Gestalterische Bauleitung

The Bürgenstock area above Lake Lucerne possesses a rich tradition and has been a prominent holiday resort since the1872‘s. The planning for a new resort started in 2007. The existing construction needed to be rounded out through classically modern architecture. The new Panorama Suites are an auxiliary extension to the existing buildings, matching the overall picture of the resort. The characteristics of the stylistic elements, the location, as well as the interplay between large and small buildings had to be taken into account.
The new construction of the Panorama Suites comprises of thirty furnished units with flexible designs and hotel service, as well as several generous patio suites.

The units are characterized by their contemporary interior design, where upon traditional modern and local alpine elements have been combined. The facades were created as an interplay between classical materials and modern forms. They are built from natural stone and some are complemented by bronze-coloured ornaments. These ornaments have been integrated to a varying degree, as repeating elements throughout the design.

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