Hotel Terrasse, Engelberg

Kategorie Wettbewerb, Hotelentwicklung Auftraggeber Bergbahnen Engelberg - Trübsee - Titlis AG Jahr 2016

The task of the participants was to further develop the area, taking stock into account: the existing annexes and outbuildings were to be replaced and given way to a harmonious area concept, which complements new uses (living, parking).

The architecture is subdivided both functionally and creatively into the three areas: Grand Hotel, Villas and Spa. The connecting element is the material canon and the natural stone walls of the terracing and exterior spaces, which combine the elements and areas both creatively and functionally. The Grand Hotel is given a new lease of life in a classic grand hotel look

The Grand Hotel is given a new lease of life in a classic grand hotel look.
The strengths and qualities of the building are worked out and freed from unnecessary "ballast".
The new windows, the railings, the roof and the structure and color scheme of the façade are based on the classic hotel architecture of the Wilhelminian period or on the history of the building and thus also on the expectations of the target groups and guests. Between the villas and the hotel is the entire access area with hotel access, ramps, technical areas, staff areas and parking. The drop off is weather protected in the 1st UG placed with direct group reception and a turning hammer in the middle of which is a large opening with an outer cover and an iconic "tree" as a vertical connection of inside and outside.