Category 5 stars Location Killarney I Irland Customer Killarney Hotels Ltd. Design and construction time 2016-2018 Scope of work architecture, interior design, design development, design management

The public areas of The Dunloe had to be redesigned and rebuilt, as fundamental functional deficits had to be addressed like disabled accessibility, delivery and kitchen arrangement. The main intention was to keep the identity of The Dunloe to give guests a sense of homecoming with the familiar silhouette of the two towers and an interior design that relates to the tradition of the house, and at the same time to create a whole new building with extraordinary spaces, new terraces and a design that lives up to the expectations of a 5-Star Hotel.


The transformation starts at the driveway where guests instantly perceive the Dunloe Castle Heritage Park with its unique tree population. This view is also enjoyed from the newly created bar with terrace that opens up to the park where once the delivery area was obstructing this connection. The new building celebrates the value of recognition in a contemporary way. The restaurant and the library tower are now true spatial highlights.

The restaurant opens up to the "Gap of Dunloe" in spectacular fashion with a room height of six metres and huge panoramic windows to the south. This area is characterised by natural light, fresh colours and the connection of interior and exterior. In contrast to this, the lobby, the library tower and the bar have been designed in such a way that dark, warm tones and precious materials create an inviting, rather introverted atmosphere to sink into.


In the façades of the towers the new, the old and newly interpreted are coming together in an exemplary way with the old flower windows set in the tower that is clad in local stone with protruding contemporary window reveals in dark aluminium. In a similar way the interior design combines existing pieces of furniture and artwork with a whole new fitout that is rich in texture and detail, completed with bold wallpapers and traditional tiles.