Medical Wellness
Resort Lugano

The spectacular view over Lake Lugano and the Alps make this area a unique region that offers something for all seasons. The natural purity of the old landscapes is the central theme. And the bond between the natural landscape and the medical wellness and the history of the nearby spa house creates a travel destination that offers seclusion, spiritual balance, physical well-being and exclusivity. The medical wellness resort is based on this balance and the strong relationship with the existing elements such as the forest, the

magnificent view over the lake, the ancient landscape of earth and stone, the sky and the sun, the farmed soil and the nearby church. A gentle transition emerges from the untouched to the built landscape of the hotel complex, which becomes part of the path network. The direct and filtered experience of the elements of the region can be felt in all areas of the hotel – in the spa areas, the guest rooms, the restaurants and the gardens.