From A for architecture to T for TSA

Our approach to our architectural projects is always based on the needs and wishes of our clients
and on the task. The location and surroundings also play
an important role. This means that every project is bespoke and unique.



Our architecture is rich in diversity. We work with passion and conviction. For us, context is not just built substance: we try to capture the spirit of the age. We have an affinity for combining the classic with the new – to achieve
that WOW effect. We work closely with our clients to
meet their requirements and expectations. We offer solutions that anticipate future needs. Always on time and on budget.


As as well designing hotels from all categories, our expertise also covers corporate architecture. Translating company values into built architecture is our hobby. Our ability to fuse interior design and branding with architecture makes us unique and provides our clients with an exceptional level of added value. This package of diversity is the answer to today’s challenges, and it opens up a whole new world of opportunities.



Our interior designs tell stories. We use them to create spaces that speak for themselves. And depending on the task, they either captivate the spectators, offer them a stage or embrace them with consideration. To achieve these aims, we devise a unique overall concept. This is always inspired by the history, the surroundings, or other identity-forming characteristics.


We love playing with materials, colours and structures to create contrasts and suspense, and using them to produce unique atmospheres. Our objective is always to appeal to people’s emotions, to spark enthusiasm, or to use subtle means to meet the highest of standards. Whether the task involves inciting soothing relaxation or animating a zest for action, we have a boundless passion to create new worlds – time and time again.



For us, it is the logical “final step” if we also develop the branding for projects that we designed from the outset. Of course, the branding could also be the starting point that informs everything else. Our focus is on hotel projects and corporate architecture. Analysing values and aims, and repositioning these if necessary, is an exciting task. Especially the creative challenge of translating these values and aims into architecture and interior design spurs us on time and again to give our “creative” all.


Both the hospitality industry and the whole of the corporate sector are increasingly reliant on the strength of their brands and on the targeted communication of their values.

Whether it be a conglomeration of existing hotels that are to be remarketed under a single brand, or a world-renowned brand yet to launch its first hotel; we work together with our clients to develop the best possible product. We also take care of everything needed to make this happen. EVERYTHING! Find out more under + MORE


Leading in Hospitality

Regardless of what you need, we’ll make sure you get it, be it suitable properties for your project or support in the form of Technical Services Agreements (TSA). We don’t just KNOW the industry. Thanks to our huge network, we are always on top of the latest developments and actually help shape the direction that the market takes. 12 years after Monoplan was founded, we are “Leading in Hospitality”.

From the idea to market launch

Our passion alights from the moment you approach us with a project idea. We love creating new things, bringing the right partners and clients together, turning initial ideas into executable projects, looking for new opportunities and finding the unexpected, venturing into new areas, and continuously expanding our knowledge to stay on top of the times and to set new trends.

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